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YUGE!! Trump To Make the ‘Biggest Change to the Legal Immigration System in Decades’ 20 MILLION AFFECTED

YUGE!! Trump To Make the ‘Biggest Change to the Legal Immigration System in Decades’ 20 MILLION AFFECTED
YUGE!! Trump To Make the ‘Biggest Change to the Legal Immigration System in Decades’ 20 MILLION AFFECTED

President Donald Trump’s administration has proposed a major change to the immigration system that will affect over 20 Million people. They plan to present in the upcoming weeks that would make it more difficult for an immigrant to become a citizen if they have ever used one of the many public welfare programs. There are various aspects to how much and what programs are going to be affected but it should make a major impact on bringing immigrants who are highly trained and valuable to contributing to America, instead of those leeching off hard working Americans, further straining our system for generations. The full details of this proposal have not been ironed out yet, but one should expect this to face a slew of controversy from the Democratic Party. In fact, it might face more challenges because it would likely affect the millions of legal immigrants who are already here and have entered the country the right way. In hindsight, no one really wants to support a “welfare queen” who thrives by not getting a job and popping out kids left and right. That goes for citizens and immigrants as it’s a burden on the back of the taxpayers.
This news comes from multiple sources who have reported it to NBC News. This also affects legal immigrants, mostly those who have used the welfare system. Some supporters of this bill might suggest that it specifically targets those who have become citizens, but have not given much back to the country and instead live on the welfare system. While many might be doing exactly that because they don’t want to work, there are also people who work but still need help. If passed, this would shake things up big time, but would also need to be done slowly so that only those who milk the system are affected while the hard-working legal immigrants who just need a little bit of help to get by are hopefully not affected. If this all goes through, then this could be the single largest change to the legal immigration system that we have seen in a very long time. This could potentially affect 20 million people. Hopefully, the people who work, but still need help, don’t find themselves in the midst of a bad policy. The goal should be to get people working and reward the hardworking legal immigrants with citizenship. If people who come to America are working, contributing, and doing a great job, then they absolutely deserve to be welcomed with open arms and citizenship. Illegal immigrants and criminals living on the system might find themselves in a bit of trouble.
NBC News reported more from Washington: “The Trump administration is expected to issue a proposal in coming weeks that would make it harder for legal immigrants to become citizens or get green cards if they have ever used a range of popular public welfare programs, including Obama care, four sources with knowledge of the plan told NBC News. The move, which would not need congressional approval, is part of White House senior adviser Stephen Miller’s plan to limit the number of migrants who obtain legal status in the U.S. each year. Details of the rulemaking proposal are still being finalized, but based on a recent draft seen last week and described to NBC News, immigrants living legally in the U.S. who have ever used or whose household members have ever used Obama care, children’s health insurance, food stamps and other benefits could be hindered from obtaining legal status in the U.S.
Immigration lawyers and advocates and public health researchers say it would be the biggest change to the legal immigration system in decades and estimate that more than 20 million immigrants could be affected. They say it would fall particularly hard on immigrants working jobs that don’t pay enough to support their families. Many are like Louis Charles, a Haitian green-card holder seeking citizenship who, despite working up to 80 hours a week as a nursing assistant, has had to use public programs to support his disabled adult daughter. Using some public benefits like Social Security Insurance has already hindered immigrants from obtaining legal status in the past, but the programs included in the recent draft plan could mean that immigrant households earning as much as 250 percent of the poverty level could be rejected. A version of the plan has been sent to the White House Office of Management and Budget, the sources said, the final step before publishing a rule in the federal register. Reuters first reported that the White House was considering such a plan in February. A spokeswoman for the Department of Homeland Security said: “The administration is committed to enforcing existing immigration law, which is clearly intended to protect the American taxpayer by ensuring that foreign nationals seeking to enter or remain in the U.S are self-sufficient. Any proposed changes would ensure that the government takes the responsibility of being good stewards of taxpayer funds seriously and adjudicates immigration benefit requests in accordance with the law.” Miller, along with several of his former congressional colleagues who now hold prominent positions in the Trump administration, have long sought to decrease the number of immigrants who obtain legal status in the U.S. each year. And even before the rule is in place, the administration has made it more difficult for immigrants to gain green cards and for green-card holders to gain citizenship.”
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